Fire fighting system TEST&DRAIN VALVES


جهت مشاهده قیمت محصول لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

جهت خرید لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

Fire fighting system TEST&DRAIN VALVES



Test and Drain Valve is a type of ball valve used in fire systems, especially for testing whether the system is working or not. It is installed on the system from the fire alarm valves to the sprinkler installation in the required zones. Tha ball used in the test and drain valve is rotatable via the stem by the lever and consists of 3 positions as test, drain and off. In the test position, the ball hole is an orifice of the diameter determined according to the smallest diameter sprinkler that is located at the zonal. With this orifice it is possible to calculate and test the amount and duration of the water to be discharged from the sprinkler if needed. The drain position ensures that it can be used as a drain valve when requested. The flow through the sight glass on both sides of the Test and Drain Valve can be observed


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