Gas detector


جهت مشاهده قیمت محصول لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

جهت خرید لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

Gas  detector

Gas  detector - Carbon monoxide and hybrid

The methane gas leak warning system of the Turkish product is used to alert methane (urban) gas. This device reacts promptly and quickly with methane gas as soon as it is triggered, and will alert the surrounding people to the incident with a beep that is embedded in the device. Also, if the gas leakage detector is connected to a valve, the gas shut-off order is given to the electric valve
Methane Systematic Gas Sensor with fast and accurate performance during gas leakage, according to the type of installation, reacts quickly and prevents further occurrences

The SISMIK gas leak detector has a 5 year warranty

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