Gas fuse


جهت مشاهده قیمت محصول لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

جهت خرید لطفا شماره موبايل خود را وارد نماييد

Gas fuse

Gas fuse


Install 1 / 4psi gas fuses for residential and commercial and public buildings

This section is located in the gas flow path and mechanically prevents the passage of an unusual gas flow

Abnormal flow from accidents such as floods, earthquakes, debris and deliberate destruction, war, bombardment and negligence of children and the elderly that can cause pipe and gas connections to break 

Excess Flow Valves

Stop the uncontrolled release of system media when a downstream line ruptures

  • Reset automatically when pressure is restored
  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Eliminate the need for complex bypass mechanisms

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