Fire resistant coating


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Fire resistant coating

Fire resistant coating

Fire Resistant Coating & Benefits

The protection of lives and assets in the case of fire is a crucial need in our modern life. As the proportion of houses higher than 20 meters has significantly increased over recent decades, the importance of fire protection, and especially structural fire protection, has also increased. Recent fire disasters, such as in Dubai or London, with the tragic Grenfell Tower fire with 79 fatalities, prove the significance of proper fire protection measures

Intumescent coatings are widely used to protect steel structures from losing their structural strength during a fire for a certain amount of time, preventing the building from collapse and allowing people to safely evacuate

Intumescent foam can attain a thickness 10 to 100 times the originally applied coating, and insulates the substrate material through its low thermal conductivity (Figure 1). Exolit® AP 422 and newly developed Exolit AP 435 (both ammonium polyphosphates) are key raw materials for the production of intumescent systems


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