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Sabaatam Sanat Engineering Co

Consultation, designing and import of gas and gas equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in Europe and Asia including various building safety equipment including NA-De fire alarm systems, LED lights, fire extinguishing systems, Rouchtec sprinkler systems, Sismik gas leak detector sensors Siterwell carbon monoxide sensors and firefighting valves including the Volkswagen Control Zone, Volt Alarm Valve, the listed Flow Switcher, the Weflo Hydrant, the Booster Pump and the Al Khoory Pump, the Grooved Fitting and all Firewall Equipment - Husrael-Houserk and Water supply anddiesel generator

The engineering department of the company is engaged in the provision of fire extinguishing maps and control of architectural plans in accordance with the national regulations of the building and the rules of the firefighting organization, and during the work with continuous monitoring, the delivery of the contractors of the entire fire alarm and fire alarm system is delivered

According to the NFPA and IBC standards, structures that have a metal structure should protect the project against fire and fire

There are two ways to retrofit and cover the metal skeleton using minerals and the other with sand and cement

The casing thickness of the metal structure is determined according to the IBC standard according to the height, type of use, and the approval of the Firefighting Organization

Design and implementation of gas distribution network

The company operates in the field of gas distribution network for buildings by obtaining approval from the engineering organization and regarding the implementation of a gas supply system of 2 or 60 pounds by obtaining approval from the gas department

On the basis of material supply, including pipes and fittings, gas valves, electromechanical and mechanical earthquake-sensitive earthquakes, gas leak detector sensors, gas fuses, etc., up to the full implementation of the gas supply and gas network according to the plans and under the supervision of the engineer&  Has an observer

Carrying out services and supplying products with payment terms

The company is ready to provide all its services, including supply, sale, installation of conventional fire alarm systems and addressable fire alarm systems, gas supply, service and maintenance, with suitable conditions in projects with the employer


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